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What is the Domain Name for a website on the Internet?

What is the Domain Name for a website?

What is Domain Name

What is Domain Name

A Domain Name is a namespace that shows your business,       organization, product or service easily remember by most people   all over the world such as | |

  When you see these domains, you can easily recognize their       business, products, and services. 

Google: Top Search Engine in the world.

Netflix: Popular Video Streaming Service Provider

Amazon: Popular Ecommerce Website.

Such as your domain name is also a namespace that gives special attention to your brand and business all over the world through the internet.

Not only .com we are having various domain extensions such as .com .net .org .in .us etc are usable based on your choice and purposes.

For each domain, you need to pay some amount of money which is based on your domain extension and duration time for your domain,

Domain Registrar such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, Big Rocks, Namecheap, etc is providing domains in the global market.


The main difference between these two (.com and .in) domain name extension is

.in is a ccTLD( Country Code Top Level Domain);
it is mainly used for websites that are targeting the Indian audience.

.com is a gTLD (Generic Top Level Domain); it can be used for commercial purposes globally.

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