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Top 5 Free Websites For Programming

Best Free Websites For Programming.

Coding or programming is an essential skill a lot of people are learning today. With the great expansion of technology and the massively increasing demand of developers, testers, software and IT jobs, learning to code could be very beneficial. There are many free websites where you can learn at your own place.

Are you new to coding and looking for free websites for programming? Luckily, there’re tons of amazing websites helping beginners learn programming from scratch.

Teach yourself the basic coding terms and prepare for your first hardcoded app or websites or webapp using these 5 free websites to learn computer programming.

Top 5 Free Websites for Programming

  1. W3Schools

Here comes the great website for learning code online — W3Schools. This platform features a very friendly and intuitive interface for all beginners to absorb coding information. You can learn multiple programming languages and web technologies such as  HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, Python, C, ASP, and more with out installing their packages, compilers and interpreters you can code from your web browser

This website is specially designed with comprehensive web tutorials to make the coding experience super smooth. So if you are new to code learning, then W3Schools is the best and easy option!

  1. edX

It’s another leading platform to learn to code for beginners. The best thing about edX is it is supported by more than 90 quality schools and universities. This helpful platform features multiple courses from all the quality universities on topics like computer science. You can also find various courses, including HTML, jQuery, Java, C#, C++, SQL, Python, and even mobile application development. Here you can find multiple free and paid courses.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan academy is one of the most reputed platforms. It’s a free website and educational app which includes thousands of educational videos, highly aimed at self-paced instructions. It teaches the patterns of programming. It’s the best start to handle how computer programming or coding works typically before diving into specific languages.

The lessons on it are step-by-step tutorial videos and have been proven much effective with millions of users who regularly visit this platform. Just like other websites, you have a choice of programming languages here.

  1. GeeksforGeeks

Here comes another fantastic platform—GeeksforGeeks. Here you can find the best collection of articles, code solutions, and explanations for algorithms and data structure topics. You can see multiples examples of how they break down a super complicated question into smaller and simpler parts, explain the solution, and provide a solid code solution.

It’s basically an easy-to-follow computer science portal for enthusiastic learners like you to learn different coding languages, including C, C++, Java Data Structures, Python, and much more.

  1. Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is another superb online resource for learning computer science, programming languages, information technology, and other tech-related subjects. You can find multiple lessons on free mobile development, website development, and database management.

You can watch videos and interact with other users as well. Beginners like you can easily learn C++, HTML, Bootstrap,  many more languages and technologies.

So choose the best one from free websites for programming which you find easy to follow and interactive!

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