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Next-Generation Solid State Cooling Technology for Computers.

Do you know that the cooling system in your computer (Desktop and Laptop) has a major role in its performance ? Yes!, it has a significate role because a computer is also a machine that needs some time of maintenance and mechanisms which will decrease heat produced by using various heat transfer techniques, Currently, in our computers, we have a technology which is called thermal cooling technology majorly uses fans which will decrease 40% to 50% of the CPU performance if you having a high-end processor also, so I want to tell you about the upcoming cool technology which is called as Solid State Cooling Technology which will cool your computers using a chip it pushes the heat from your computer at a speed of 205 Kmh or 128 Mph.

AirJet Device

AirJet Device

It’s the world 1st Solid State Cooling Chip which is developed by Frore Systems, a USA based Startup by Seshu Madhavapeddy, currently, they have 2 products Air Jet Mini and Air Jet Pro, The AirJet has the potential to revolutionize the way we build thin-and-light laptops and computers. Its solid-state cooling approach is a game-changer in the industry, and its compact size and high efficiency make it an ideal solution for high-powered electronics, servers, gaming laptops, video editing systems.

The AirJet technology combines exotic materials, geometry, and physics to create a 2.8mm chip with cavities at the top that is filled with vibrating membranes. These membranes blast cool air across the heat spreader underneath, cooling down a CPU or other component. Despite its small size, the AirJet can send individual air particles whooshing over the heat spreader at up to 200 kilometers per hour, making it an incredibly powerful cooling solution.


One of the biggest limitations in the performance of thin laptops is the thermal profile. It is difficult to fit a desktop-class chip into a laptop and run it at full performance without making the laptop thick and heavy. However, with solid-state cooling like AirJet, these limitations start to disappear. According to the CEO of Frore Systems, two 1-watt AirJet units can account for 5 watts of cooling. 


This means that it could double the thermal limit of a fanless thin-and-light laptop, from 10 watts to 20 watts with one larger “Pro” unit. The system has even been scaled up to 28 watts in a silent, fanless laptop.


The AirJet technology is also silent and potentially dust-proof, making it an ideal solution for laptops and computers. It can be integrated with more conventional designs by installing it with a vapor chamber to put it to the side of a processor instead of directly on top.

Solid State Cooling Technology

Solid State Cooling Technology

Frore Systems expects the first devices with its cooling systems to debut by the end of the year. AirJet technology has the potential to change the way they design and build laptops and computers, making them more powerful, efficient, and reliable than ever before.

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