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Hike closed and removed from play store

 Hike Closed

The Popular Indian messenger is shut down and removed from the google play store from 15 Jan 2021.

It is initially started on 12 December 2012 in New Delhi by Kavin Bharti Mittal founder of the hike app.

Before it’s closing the Hike Team sent a message to every user as follows:

The time has finally come for us to bid farewell to Hike Sticker Chat.
Tonight at midnight, the app’s servers will be switched off. Do export your favorite chats on Hike Stickers Chat before 11:59 PM on January 14, 2021.
We continue to be available to resolve any concerns till February 15, 2021.
you can reach us at [email protected]

Thank you for your love, trust, and support. Our relationship with you means the world to us, and so we are looking forward to seeing you on our 2 new and exciting apps -vibe and Rush
Thank you once again
Team Hike

Why Hike Closed?

At the beginning of the year 2021, the founder of the hike app Kavin Bharti Mittal has mentioned this update on his Twitter account : 


According to the tweet, the Hike app is coming in a completely new way with a new name called HikeLand, one brand new product, and one more thing, as per the information available on hike official website, they are coming with Vibe by Hike and Rush by Hike apps.

Rush By Hike :
Rush is an online gaming platform where the competitive spirit of India comes alive. Play against each other in skill games and win real money.

Vibe By Hike:
Meet the funniest people online. safely
At Vibe, we’ve changed that No Creeps & No Fake Profiles.

these are current updates on the Hike App, if any update comes we will post it on our blog.


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