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What is Logo and Different Types of Logos

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my blog! Today I would like to shed light upon the importance of LOGO DESIGNING.

Everybody knows what a logo is, and we see them for every brand we use. Some logos are so attractive that it hits the right place in our mind, and we establish a perception of brand association with that picture.

What is a Logo?

 Logo: Logo is the face of a brand

Let’s put it in simple words; the logo is a combination of colors, shapes, words, and unique designs that ultimately define the business’s purpose or associate your imagination to the product at once.
We use tons of products daily. Every product has a unique logo attached to it that indirectly creates a perception of the business, use of the product, and other important information.

Purpose of a Logo
The main purpose of designing a logo is to inform your target audience about the product/ service,
its features, and the main business’s story. It creates a delicate emotional connection of the customer to the brand message and conveys the brand’s key benefits.
Main parts of a Logo

The history of a logo is ancient, and it was present even when there was not a single language present in the world. The communication was only dependent upon the pictures and shape depictions in the stone age. The idea of its components was already proposed in those times; what
we see today as the only transformation. 

logo and different types of logos


Colors are a unique way to communicate the key features of your brand, and it also has an
appealing effect. It conveys information about the mood and aesthetics of your brand to the target
audience. Bright colors are playful, deep colors are serious and innovative, and the list goes on.
You can choose a bunch of colors or stick to only one for your logo. Keep in mind that whatever
color you choose must go with the image of the business and try to create a theme for all related
products of that brand

Logo Designing

Shapes and Images
The shape of the logo or the image you choose to attach with the brand can be so simple as twitters sparrow or maybe complex as an abstract art painting. It all depends upon your brand and the image of the business you want to set in the mind of your target audience.

If you are going to choose a picture for your brand logo, it must support the overall business, brand,
and related products. Also, if you resize the image on branding sites and packaging, it should be
visible enough.

Slogan Language/ Words
A typical sentence arranges in such a way that it catches your audience’s attention and conveys a brief message of the value your brand has is called either a slogan or a tagline.
The letters you usually see in a logo with a consistent shape and design printed on a product, company website, digital and print media are all examples of a Logo. The slogan is just situated underneath or beside the logo to speak out for the brand.

A logo doesn’t need to have a tagline, but if the nature of the business allows it, you must have one as it tells the audience a little information about what the product and brand are all about.


Design Process of a Logo:

Are you going to start your own business? And are you looking for professional help to design a logo for you too? Yes, creating a logo should be on your priority list if you are starting a business or launching a new product.

Following is the main information you keep in mind while hiring a professional logo designer. Designing a logo is not an easy task. Logo designing, as many people think, is not about Photoshop or illustrator. It’s a long process that starts from client requirements and information gathering to a complete professional logo.

The designer has to analyze various business factors, target audience, reputation, branding, sketch, brand identity, ideas, shapes, fonts, color codes, brand colors, different models, different prototypes, etc. are involved in getting a completely new logo.

 Logo and Different Types Of Logos/span>


   There are seven types of logos we know briefly define below.

 1) Emblems: 

              Emblems are the pioneer of all logo styles; it is the most common representation of a logo enclosed in a shape and symbol. It is most appropriate for the brands already present in the industry for a long.

The only drawback of this style is when you resize the logo for different purposes. It is pretty unfit, especially for a website.


2) Word Mark :

The word-mark is a simple logo that looks like a word, for example, Google, VISA. If your brand name is short, word-mark is the best type, and you should use a word-mark to name the brand name here. It will help if you take care of fonts and handwriting.


3) Letter Mark :

If your organization or business name is bigger and you wanted it to be more popular with its short name, then you should use the letter mark. If you are starting up your business, then this style is not recommended for you.

For Example 

  • LG (Life Good)
  • NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) 

Letter Marks

4) Pictorial Mark :

An image, icon, the symbol represents a pictorial mark. It should be shown to represent big established brands (or) rebranding a logo of an existing brand that is more popular

For Example

  • Apple
  • Starbucks

Pictorial Logo

5) Abstract Logo mark

An Abstract logo consists of a real-world entity representing the brand. It shows some feelings. If you want a unique logo, then an abstract logo mark is recommended, and if you’re a start-up, it is not recommended for you.

Abstract Logo

6) Mascot :

The mascot is a character-based logo such as a McDonald’s clown and KFC Mayor. If you want to target a family audience and kids, then this type of logo is recommended. It will be more helpful for your brand reach.


7) Combination Mark :

It is a combination mark that combines various logotypes like the combination of Wordmark and
abstract mark.

Combination Mark Logo

Why is the logo important? And does it serve the purpose?
Well, the answer is pretty simple. The response depends upon the company, audience, intended message, and logo design – logo’s effectiveness can be subjective and variable across industry or business.

We can design different types of logos for your brands, business, and product and services. If you want a logo design service, please contact us on the following, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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