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What is Malware and its types

Malware is a malicious program that is intentionally developed to grant access, collect data, steal information, encrypt the data, destroy, or modify any system functionality which harmful for its users and the privacy and security of the system. 

 We have different types of malware based on the behavior and the attacks they perform they have classified as the following types

Malware and its types


 A Trojan is also called a Trojan horse, it generally looks like a normal file, but it is harmful to your device in some cases you do not know which is the software file and which is the trojan file.
In Trojan, we have different types some of them are

  • Trojan-Downloader (It downloads and installation files that are harmful to your device)
  • Trojan Droppers (It secretly installs the malicious programs)
  • Backdoor (It installs first after some time it exploits with our knowledge)
  • Trojan-Spy (Tracks your activity and send that data to cybercriminals)
  • Banking Trojan (Looks like banking app but not in real)


  •  Most internet users faced this issue that is ads un-wanted ads you may have downloaded unknowingly, it shows irrelevant ads, popups, alerts so think before you click on the suspicious ads.


  •  A Spyware acts like a spy it collects all your activity logs collects the keys you entered, it may be your credit card, debit card, (or) banking details also.
  • Most of the spywares designed to steal your data from your devices data like whatsapp and instagram chats, social media apps, call records, call logs, messages, photos, videos, and it can take your device control, it can do screenshare, keylogging and more.


  •  These are harmful self-replicates, they create their coping by themselves and spreads to various computers and other devices like mobiles and more, Short-cut viruses, autorun-viruses, are the major viruses that most windows users faced.  


  •  It is collection of malwares mostly used gaining unauthorized access to a computer or device which is remote location.


  •  Bots are developed to perform a particular task automatically; it collects the data and activity information of your device and sends it to the cybercriminals.


  •  It enters devices and encrypts the files and make the system inaccessible by the admin and shows some message to send ransom amount to the bitcoin address of the criminals most popular ransomware is WannaCry in 2017


  •  It’s a self-replicate copy from one device to another device without infecting any file on the device, It spreads all over the network by exploiting the device vulnerabilities it damages your device by delivering harmful payloads.

Technology is updating day-by-day we are going in a digital era in daily life we are using various devices like mobiles, laptops, desktops, WIFI’s and its applications like games, video calling, file sharing, online banking, etc the question like “Is you are secure?” “Is someone watching you online?”  “Someone hacked your email or mobile or online accounts” all these types of questions we are getting at some times, You already know about viruses, not Covid-19 it’s a biological thing, I am saying about computers like malware and its types that were designed and developed to harm your data.

So, to prevent this type of viruses, we need to use Anti-Virus applications for mobiles, desktops, and laptops like your immune system it will protect us by creating secure firewalls and security protocols by performing various types of antivirus scans and identifying the vulnerabilities and infected files it protects our devices.

In my blog post, I have mentioned 7 Top Antivirus Softwares some of them are paid and some of them offer free versions visit the blog post you will get an idea of which you want to buy. 

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