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How Telescopes, Satellites, Rovers sends data to earth

Discover How Satellites, Telescopes, And Rovers Transmit Data To Earth

Since the beginning of the world, people have been striving to discover the universe. A few decades ago, there was no communication concept through the telephone, but now, thanks to science, we are wirelessly connected to every part of the world. Similarly, before, people did not even know that there are 9 planets in total, including Earth, but now they have discovered not only these planets but also found evidence of life on the other planets. Did you know how? Yes! Satellites, telescopes, and rovers have made it possible.

About 80% of people don’t know how this latest technology works, but don’t worry, keep reading this article and learn the basics of how satellites transmit data. Furthermore, this article will also acknowledge you about the functioning of a rover and telescope

How does a Satellite transmit data?

how satellites transmit data

Satellites use radio waves to transmit the data. These radio waves send signals to earth, which the Antenna then picks up. 

For example, it’s like ordering a package and picking it up at your front door. Let me explain how that works. Likewise, we request a parcel, the seller receives it and then asks the delivery person to deliver your package to the address given. Similarly, the researchers send signals to the satellites, the satellite receives them, and then sends the ordered package (signals) back to the specified address (Antenna) using radio waves (delivery person). 

Using these signals, the commander can track a satellite’s location, determine its health, and request it to send images or other information from space.

How does a Telescope transmit data?

The space telescope has an object inside that emits light that helps the CCD camera on the telescope follow the command, store the information, and send it back to the commander. The data is stored in the form of a binary code. 

It can be transmitted in 2 ways: the telescope can transmit the data wirelessly to the satellite, and the satellite transmits it to Earth, or the space telescope transmits the information directly to the ground-based monitoring stations. This transmission also takes place wirelessly. A massive network of underground and submarine Internet cables processes these transmissions.

How does a Rover transmit data?

Mars Rover

A rover is a device that is sent into space to explore life and other activities in space. Recently, a rover was sent to Mars and discovered the existence of water and life. The device contains three antennas that serve as both voice and ears. These antennas include:

Ultra-High Frequency Antenna – this antenna transmits radio waves through its Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) antenna.

X-Band High-Gain Antenna – as the name implies, it is used to receive commands for the mission team on Earth.

X-Band Low-Gain Antenna – it is a low-gain antenna, so it is mainly focused on receiving signals.

Bottom line

Over the years, technology has made its way into our lives. Now, humans can explore and even visit space and different planets. So, if you want to learn more about space and related information, stay tuned for my updates!

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