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What Is the Difference Between Single Band WiFi and Dual Band WiFi

Hi, have you ever been confused about purchasing a Wi-Fi router and which band you wanted to buy? either a single band or dual-band router, go through this blog post difference between single band wifi and dual band wifi at the end you will get an idea, so let’s go.

What is Wi-Fi, Router, Band?

difference between single band wifi and dual band wifi

 Wi-Fi Stands for Wireless Fidelity, it’s a family member of IEEE 802.11 which is commonly used for accessing the internet to computers, mobiles, wireless printers, smart Tv’s and more for home use and small office use.

A Router is a device that provides you a wireless internet service within a limited area of 10 to 100 meters of range with different speeds and bandwidths based on the router and the position (indoor or outdoor).

Wi-Fi Band represents the frequency and maximum data transfer rate, range, and channels used in the router whether it may be a home router or an enterprise router. 

Why are You getting slow internet?

There are many reasons for getting slow internet mainly

  1. The bandwidth issue with your ISP.
  2. The internet plan to which you are subscribed is completed.
  3. The Wi-Fi usage is high, and more devices are connected.

For the 1 and 2 issues, you need to check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and for the 3rd issue, you must use a dual-band router if you are using a single-band router.

What is a Single Band Wi-Fi Router? 

A Single Band Wi-Fi Router uses a single frequency band of 2.4GHz with 802.11g/n with a maximum speed of 300 MBPS and, it’s better at penetrating objects such as walls, doors, etc.

Purpose: You can use the internet for office works like sending emails and documents, virtual meetings, reading books, and articles listing songs, and watching YouTube Videos at 1080p without any interrupts. 

Devices:  Up to 4 Devices Max (Including mobiles)

Suitable: For small home and small office uses 

Range: Supports 65-70 Meters 

What is a Dual Band Wi-Fi Router?

 A Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router uses two frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with the maximum speed of 1300 MBPS where single-band 2.4GHz covers 300 MBPS and the remaining 1000 MBPS which is near to 1 GBPS is allocated for second band 5GHz based on the router manufacturers it changes second band frequency.

Purpose: You can use the internet for online gaming, Video Streaming, watching YouTube Videos at 4K without any interrupts and you can do works like sending emails, documents, virtual meetings or reading books, articles, listing songs, etc 

Devices:  Up to 8 Devices Max (Including mobiles)

Suitable: For small and 3BHK homes and small office uses

Range: Supports 50-55 Meters 

What Is the Difference Between Single Band WiFi and Dual Band WiFi

RouterSingle Band RouterDual Band Router
Band1 (2.5GHz)2 (2.5GHz+5GHz)
Coverage Small AreaLarge Area
Max Speed300 MBPS1300 MBPS
Internet Speed75 MBPS – 100 MBPS150 MBPS – 750 MBPS
Devices4 or 5 Max8 or 10 Max
UsageEmails, Web Surfing, PhotosOnline Gaming, Video Streaming, File Transfer
Range65-70 Meters50 – 55 Meters
Price₹ 999₹ 1799
what is difference between single band and dual band router in table format

Which is the best fit for your needs?

 As of now, you know about Single Band and Dual-Band Routers based on the requirement and usage you can buy a single band or dual-band router. My suggestion is to go with a dual-band router. Because, if you compare the price between both the routers the price is similar and affordable. 

 The Internet and its services are growing, so buy a dual-band router. For now, if you buy a single band router you can use 100 MBPS internet, but in real-time it will deliver you in between 85 MBPS to 95 MPBS.

 So, if you want to get 100 MBPS or more data speed in the future to your smart tv or any other device, You need to buy a dual-band router, So invest your money in a smart way and buy the dual-band router now itself.

What are the benefits of using dual band wifi?

  • Dual Band WiFi gives more speed and range when compared to single band wifi
  • You can watch online videos without network interruption or buffer issues
  • Play online games like PUBG with low ms and low latency
  • You can stream live videos and download large files
  • Supports more devices when compared to single band wifi.

 Routers we recommend:

Mi 4C – For Single Band with Mobile App

Tenda AC8 – For Dual-Band with Mobile App

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